Hey friends, check out our rules before submitting!

A few quick notes! We take quotations…

  1. from verifiable sources that we can confirm via Google or Wikipedia searches.
  2. as long as they are not offensive to any house, person, or group of people.
  3. that are clearly relevant to the Hogwarts houses’ characteristics.
  4. are unrelated to/do not reference the Harry Potter books.
  5. that are limited to one ask.
  6. that have not previously been made for that house. Search for the author’s name in the searchbar on the blog page to find your quotation.

An aside: quotes from JK Rowling and the people involved in the making of the Harry Potter series are welcome, as long as the quote does not relate to the Harry Potter series.

Submissions that do not fit the above criteria will be deleted at our discretion.

Please submit only once per day. Fanmail submissions are not accepted.

Anatomy of a submission:

HOUSE: “Quote.” -Speaker/Author/Band/Artist/Screenwriter/Playwright (Character: Book/Song/Play/TV Show: Episode)

For example:

SLYTHERIN: “When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way.”
–Stephen Sondheim (The Jets: West Side Story: Jet Song)

Other examples can be found on each post.

Incomplete submissions will be deleted.

Thanks for being amazing!

xo Carmen + Fiona

Since we’ve had many questions about this:

If you are trying to submit on mobile, please head to this link in your browser! The Tumblr app doesn’t show the sidebar link.

Thank you!

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